Open Tuesdays

These are informal open Tuesday evenings which anyone can attend. They each offer special topics with guest presenters and run from 6:00 – 7:15pm on the evenings listed below. Please register for these evenings by phoning (09)3091136.

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September 26: Stress Buster – four meditation exercises to reduce lifestyle and work related stress.

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October 10: Beyond Mindfulness – how to further deepen your meditation experience and shift from busy mind to tranquil heart.

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October 24: Reincarnation – Journey of the Soul

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November 14 The Path – an evening for those seriously interested in implementing guidelines that support a meditation lifestyle, including spiritual master Sri Chinmoy’s recommendations for fast progress.

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November 28: Does God exist? – Exploring our intuitive intelligence that senses realities and truths beyond the mind, and how meditation provides this bridge between the finite and the Infinite.