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The WiBest-sellerngs of Joy

THIS TREASURE TROVE of wisdom has inspired hope and joy in the hearts of thousands. Simon & Schuster published The Wings of Joy in 1997, and after seven printings it continues to gain popularity among peace-lovers everywhere.Wings-of-Joy

Charming insight into our inner world shines throughout short, easy-to-read sections: The Doubt-Monkey, Planting Faith-Seeds, Meditating on the Heart, Akbar’s Clever Minister (on jealousy), The Story of Gandhi Buri (on courage), and many more.

Here is a book that freely discusses God in a refreshing, universal way, neither dogmatic nor religious.

“A true spiritual teacher will have the deepest respect and utmost reverence for all religions… Each religion is like a branch of the God-tree. How can we deny the value of the branches when we accept the tree as our very own?”

ISBN 0-684-82242-3 / 208 pp. / Simon & Schuster



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Child’s Heart and a Child’s Dreams

Growing up with spiritual wisdom: A guide for parents and children


Sri Chinmoy offers practical advice on a subject that is not just an idealist’s dream, but a concerned parent’s lifeline: fostering your child’s spiritual life, watching him grow up with the love of God and a heart of self-giving. Includes a parent’s guide to meditation, stories for children that delight and inspire, and answers to children’s questions about God.

ISBN 0-88497-862-1 / 123 pp. /Aum Publications

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Our very existence on earth depends on God’s compassion, yet its meaning eludes us. Sri Chinmoy explains that to understand compassion, we must first recognise it; and, to recognise it, we must first experience it.
It is God’s compassion that is moulding us, guiding us and illumining us at every step of our journey through life. The more we cry to God for compassion, the more He inundates us. In return, Sri Chinmoy says, God asks only that we distribute this compassion to our fellow earth-travellers.

ISBN 0-88497-050-7 / 64pp/ AUM Publications 



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HOW OFTEN DO WE EXPRESS the hope that by God’s Grace something significant will take place in our lives? Or perhaps we recognise that because of God’s boundless Grace our lives have already been blessed far beyond our imagination. In this small volume, the first in a new series focusing on the manifold ways in which God touches each and every life, Sri Chinmoy describes the constant flow of Grace from above and explains how we can become more receptive to it.

ISBN 0-88497-047-7 / 57 pp/ AUM Publications



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The Jewels of Happiness

The Jewels of Happiness is a treasure chest of wisdom and joy – a compilation of succinct and insightful pieces of prose, practical exercises and uplifting aphorisms and verse, many of them published for the first time. Addressing themes such as peace, enthusiasm and love, the self-contained chapters combine to create a wonderful tapestry of inspiration. Sri Chinmoy’s easy-to-follow exercises, based on perennial ancient wisdom, are truly pertinent for the modern era and perfectly suited to our fast-paced lives – his amazing ability to offer positive help and insight speaks to each reader as if the words were written just for them. “These sweet gems of wisdom by my dear friend Sri Chinmoy are timeless truths full of encouragement, love and goodness.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu ISBN 978-1-906787-97-4/ 214 pp. / Watkins Publishing [/box][/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Forgiveness” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]



MISTAKES ARE INEVITABLE and perhaps a necessary part of human life. Sometimes we do the wrong thing consciously, at other times unconsciously. Whether our mistakes are grave or minor, there comes a time when we need forgiveness from God, from others whom we have hurt, even from ourselves.
In this book Sri Chinmoy offers us his illumining guidance on how we may seek the divine forgiveness that will not only transform our lives, but grant us the promise of a cloudless new beginning.

ISBN 0-88497-049-3 / 76pp / AUM Publications



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Death anddeath Reincarnation

Eternity’s Voyage

This deeply moving book has brought consolation and undertanding to countless people faced with the death of a loved one or fear of their own mortality. In this firsthand account of life after death, Sri Chinmoy shares several poignant experiences. Topics include: What happens after death The journey of the soul How to best help someone who is dying What is reincarnation?

ISBN 0-88497-038-8 / 157 pp. /Aum Publications