Inspiration for the Day – September


Sep 30 Listen to your heart

My Life’s Soul-Journey is a book of sublime daily meditations from the writings of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. It is designed to inspire God-lovers of all levels as they walk along the road to self-perfection. Penned by a realised spiritual Master, these writings provide nuggets of truth and wisdom that will allow us to hold fast to higher ideals throughout each day.

Question: Who is God?
Sri Chinmoy: God is your own highest, most illumined, most perfect part. You have two parts: one is higher, one is lower. Most of the time you stay in the lower part. When you become fully aware of your higher part and your lower part is totally transformed and unified with the Highest, at that time you are none other than God. Although it is not yet recognised or revealed, your own highest, most developed, most perfect and illumined part is God. But what you are now is not perfect; it is far from perfection.

Today’s preparation is tomorrow’s realisation. If you prepare yourself for God-realisation today, then tomorrow, in the near or distant future, you can grow into your own highest Divinity.

Sri Chinmoy, God-Life: is it a far cry?, Agni Press, 1974

Sep 29 Heart realisation

Sep 28 Inner goal

Sep 27 Outer success

Sep 26 Patience

Sep 25 Inner hunger

Sep 24 Never give up

Sep 23 Who is God

Sep 22 Discovering your highest

Sep 21 Divine peace

Sep 20 Aspiration

Sep 19 Conquering expectation

Sep 18 Overcoming attachment

Sep 17 Seeing divinity in others

Sep 16 Seeing the divinity in oneself

Sep 15 Divine Practicality

Sep 14 Inner Voice

Sep 13 Intuition