Free Meditation Introductory : Online Zoom Sessions

Dear friends,
If you have an interest in introducing meditation to a group of friends or workplace colleagues, the Sri Chinmoy Centre runs free  Zoom workshops each month. These feature a ‘Learn Meditation’ introductory session and provides further ongoing sessions if interest is there. The first session covers the basics of meditation, including two guided meditations and a q & a session at the end. During our current Auckland lockdown these have proven popular and run weekly.  Our online courses respond to an increasing interest in bringing mental health and stress management skills into the workplace, along with private individuals wishing to explore meditation through a structured course. To inquire further or organize an introductory session, please contact Jogyata by email: or phone/text to: phone 0221887432

We also offer daytime ‘Learn Meditation’ courses, usually 45 minutes to one hour long, for companies and workplace employees.

Each evening Zoom session will cover some of the key steps in establishing your own home practice along with a wide canvas of exercises and techniques. The focus will be on the meditation practice itself. The sessions are informal and interactive with lots of opportunities to ask questions and explore your own particular areas if interest.