Music as meditation: a free evening

Exploring music as a gateway to peace and stillness….

Meditation can be many things and covers a wide canvas of paths and practices – among these, music is one of the simplest and most effective ways of stilling the busy mind and connecting with the peaceful space of the spiritual heart.

Our upcoming music-meditation free evening offers a different, inspirational approach to meditation using mantras, simple songs and sacred chants, and bringing together easy melodies, harmonium and voice.

Meditate, sing, explore something new in your understanding of how to quieten the mind and connect with your heart and soul.

We’ll introduce five song chants, composed in English or Bengali, each of them embodying a spiritual truth, insight or image to meditate upon. These are drawn from the vast musical legacy of the late meditation master Sri Chinmoy, whose mantric compositions are reviving the ancient practice of kirtan, the to-and-fro response of performer and audience. You can participate in the learning and singing of each mantra, or simply enjoy these song-chants while meditating.

When: Friday evening, February 21st, 7:00pm

Where: The Sri Chinmoy Centre, 93 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden
(City end of Dominion Rd – adjacent to the large Target Furniture building)

Admission is free, however please register on our contact page as space is limited, or text to: 027 200 0604. We’ll also provide some vege food/drinks afterwards.