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With so many of us largely confined to our homes for several weeks – a modern version of the Vedic Himalayan cave retreats! – we have all more time and personal space to really focus on both our physical wellbeing and our meditation. The following popular classics are offered at 40% off their retail price and will prove to be your inner navigation guides and inspirational!
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   ( 40% reduced: now $25-00+ postage)

From fringe to mainstream to hugely popular, meditation is now one of the most valued and sought after life skills in our complicated modern world.

 Sri Chinmoy’s timeless classic guidebook, ‘Meditation’ has sold over 320,000 copies worldwide and remains our #1 recommended book for those starting meditation and wanting to explore the many techniques and exercises that help calm and control the mind. ‘Meditation’ covers all of the ABC’s from start-up guidelines through to more advanced levels of practice, with helpful q & a sections dealing with how to overcome the most common challenges. It includes chapters on concentration skills, mantras, visualisations, meditating in the spiritual heart and the principle paths of yoga. Our highly recommended ‘go-to’ book and an enduring favorite.

YOGA AND THE SPIRITUAL LIFE  ( 40% reduced, now $15-00 + postage)

Our spiritual quest for happiness covers a very wide canvas of paths and practices, and all of these fall into the realm of ‘yoga’, the final flowering of our own highest potential. Yoga means union, to become one with our spiritual essence, union with God, Self-realization. Associated usually with hatha yoga, the term includes several other timeless yogic paths which hatha yoga prepares the seeker for – karma yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga etc.

Written in a practical vein, this book offers the newcomer, as well as the advanced seeker, a deep understanding of the theories, methods and inner realities of the philosophy of Yoga and Eastern mysticism. In a section devoted to questions and answers, Sri Chinmoy, an illumined Yogi, offers explanations with clarity, simplicity and relevance, grounding the lofty insights of yoga into the stuff of our everyday life.

SPORT AND MEDITATION   ( reduced to $25-00+ postage )

 Meditation has a secret: it can help you discover your unimaginable outer potential. This golden link between the inner and outer worlds was well known in ancient times – as seen in the extraordinary lung-gom-pa runners of pre-westernized Tibet; the marathon monks of Mt Hiei in Japan; the Navajo Indian desert athletes; Mexico’s legendary Taramuhara runners; and seen in our modern day 3100 mile epic – the Mt Everest of ultra races – where competitors circle a 1 km loop, travelling 94 kms daily for 52 consecutive days!

 Author Sri Chinmoy was one of the great pioneers in highlighting the role of mind and spirit in sporting achievement, a trail-blazer reviving ultra races and endurance events and bringing to us all, regardless of our age or ability, the inspirational message that we are all truly unlimited if we dare to set new goals, discover the inner athlete, harness the sleeping powers that meditation can help us to access.

Throughout this book you will meet many world champions sharing their own inner secrets and spiritual perspectives on training – 9x Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, marathon world champions Tegla Loroupe and Paul Tergat, 5 x Mr Universe Bill Pearl and many others. And who can forget those wonderful comments by Eliud Kipchoge about the inner aspects of training, after running the fastest ever marathon in history – 1:59:40!

‘Sport and Meditation’ will take you on a journey, introduce you to someone very special – yourself! – and to the new frontiers that lie within.



   ( 40% reduced, now $20-00+ postage)

  How to stop the runaway mind, it’s endless chatter? This book offers a compilation of different meditation exercises offered by Sri Chinmoy, one of India’s luminaries and eminent meditation masters. Whether meditation is something new to you or an established practice, the discovery of the endless benefits and treasures that it brings is an ever-unfolding adventure.

This book is intended as a daily life manual – simple, relevant, practical – that will guide you into meditation and help you develop a silent mind and a peace-flooded heart. The beautiful insights and hundreds of exercises it contains introduce a wide canvas of skills and will assist you in finding your own unique meditation path – within this book are the keys to the inner treasures.


  (40% discount, now $20-00 + postage)

  “Adventure does not mean that you have to climb the tallest mountain.  To allow new ideas, fresh ideas, healthy ideas into your mind – that is adventure.” Sri Chinmoy

  Whether learning to walk, playing the flute, writing a novel, climbing a mountain or practicing meditation, the adventure of life is an exploration of the limits of our capacities, and the quest to transcend them. This book offers a compilation of writings, lectures, answers to questions gathered from different years and places, a beautiful river of knowledge that offers a map of the journey we have all undertaken, shedding light, comfort and guidance to help us navigate our way.

‘Adventure’ offers us an overview of things – health and fitness, the branches of yoga, spiritual paths and Masters, the chakras and occult powers, how to bring our spiritual practices out into our challenging modern world. It is a book about finding happiness and the art of successful living.

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