New edition of our favourite book on meditation!

For those people interested in deepening their meditation experience and their understanding of the techniques and secrets to help achieve this, a new edition of Sri Chinmoy’s timeless guidebook on the subject has just been published. Behind the deceptively simple title, Meditation, the 300 pages that follow offer a wealth of insights and guidance that takes the reader from the initial start-up steps, through to the deepest meditations attainable: the high points or samadhis. 
The book spans many different approaches and a wide canvas of techniques – breath work, visualization, mantra, heart centre meditation, the various branches of yoga (jnana, bhakti, karma etc), along with question and answer sections and chapter topics discussing the lesser known secrets of successful meditation. 
Meditation is a beautifully presented hardback edition, and possesses the simplicity, clarity, depth and inspiration that will make it a lifelong companion for its readers. It offers and shares a map of the inner journey, and a wonderful resource for all of those interested in the path of self-discovery, enlightenment and awakening.
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