PARKLAND MEDITATIONS – Sunday 15 May, Auckland Domain!


Whether you’re a newcomer to meditation or seeking the company of others and a group to practice with, you’re warmly invited to our drop-in, free weekend park meetings. We’re currently offering meditation courses in our popular Auckland parklands on Sunday mornings.

These share a range of different meditation skills and guided exercises and introduce the ABC’s of meditation in helping you to establish your own ongoing practice. A popular aspect is the use of simple mantras along with harmonium accompaniment.

If you’re keen on joining in, leave your details on our contact page below and we’ll be in touch with the where’s and when’s. Sunday’s next session, Sunday 15 May will be at the Auckland Domain, meeting at 10:00am by the band rotunda off Domain Drive.

Bring a mat to sit on the grass, or a meditation stool. Our coming Sunday will offer a one hour session covering a wide canvas of exercises along with q & a opportunities and some refreshments afterwards. No charge, all welcome.

There’s a helpful online guide as well, taking you on a familiarization journey. Visit:

Further inquiries: email – or phone/text to 0221887432,
or simply register your interest on the contact form below.

For more details on Parkland meditation, please check out the following website:

“I meditate
So that my mind
Cannot complicate
My Life”
Sri Chinmoy

Looking forward to catching up soon!


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