New Year Reflections

Each new year comes and stands in front of us to remind us of that very fact: that there is no end to our progress…

A Spotlight on Peace 

A new statues in Taupo encouraging reminding us to look towards a better world and provides inspiration about our individual role in fostering this.a brighter future for humanity …

Reflections on Astrology

Humanity has always wondered about its future, devising myriad ways to look beyond the present moment to prepare and shape its destinies and its fortunes…. »

Some Reflections on ‘Light’ 

Auckland’s 17th Diwali festival, colloquially referred to as ‘The Festival of Lights’, will soon be enlivening our city streets and temples and bringing gaiety, color,… »

The Mango Tree

Parable about acceptance, unconditional love, life and death. Daughter finding strength to find her own path…

The Heart in the New Millennium

The following article by Jogyata Dallas is reprinted with the kind permission of the IndiaNZ Outlook newspaper. Many people believe that human consciousness is on… »

Reflections on Diwali

Diwali is here – our annual free celebration of Indian culture and our city’s ethnic diversity, a weekend of music, dance, food and splendid cultural performances.

Remembering Swami Vivekananda

In 1893, the city of Chicago was host to a rainbow gathering of representatives from the world’s great religions.  They had come together in a… »

Thoughts on the New Year

From the spiritual point of view, each new year has a specific significance, ushering in new energy, new possibilities and often a fresh new consciousness… »

Up in the Clouds

By Jogyata Dallas   It’s a windless Sunday morning and I’m sitting on the crater summit of Mt. Ngaruahoe, the Mt Doom of Peter Jackson’s… »

Revisiting the Upanishads

by Jogyata Dallas I have been browsing through the Upanishads of late, enjoying their perennial wisdom and marvelling at the common ground they share with… »

Reflections on India

Excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s book “India, My India.”   What is India’s inner message to the world at large? Spirituality. What is spirituality? It is… »

The Happiness Project

The quest for happiness lies at the heart of every human life, but the failure to attain it in even the most affluent societies has… »

The Enlightenment Stone

She had always been moved and deeply touched by Sri Chinmoy’s comments about the spiritual value of giving, and at some heartfelt and intuitive level… »

Five Olive Trees

  They had been coming to our meditation classes for quite a long time and described themselves as Persian, not Iranian –  they had immigrated… »

Endings and Beginnings

Life is full of charming and also poignant moments. Yesterday for example I was buying a few vegetables at my local Asian supermarket, a ramshackle… »


She comes in every morning around 3:30 am, the holy hour, for her early three hours of meditation. She is quiet as a falling feather… »

Grey Angels

Seated by a window high up Sky and floating clouds Thoughts cloudlike drift away. Glinting rooftops stirring treetops Quiet and The morning birds singing Their… »