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Learn to experience the beauty and joy within. We offer classes every 1-2 months, as well as concerts and workshops by international speakers.

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About our meditation classes

In our fast-paced modern lives, meditation is now recognized as a powerful life skill, bringing a renewed sense of clarity, purpose, simplicity and calm. Meditation reconnects us with our inner strength, unburdens the mind, and takes us to an inner space of stillness. More on the benefits of meditation »

Our class givers have spent many years studying meditation under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy (pictured), and are very happy to answer any questions you might have about meditation.

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What does a typical course involve?

  • Two guided meditations per session.
  • Breathing and concentration techniques to still the mind.
  • Covering the ABC’s of home practice.
  • Creative visualisations, mantras, and the four pillars of yoga.
  • Music and meditation.

Current Class Schedules

Welcome to our 2019 ‘Learn Meditation’ free course options. Our current series of free meditation programs run throughout the year in our CBD venues and in multiple surburban locations around Auckland. Look through the upcoming introductory courses below and choose a suitable time to attend. To register, simply leave your details on our contact page, or text your name, course option and numbers attending to our contact phone: 022 1887432.

We look forward very much to meeting you and sharing our love of meditation with you!

To learn more about the 10 Compelling Reasons to meditate…<click here>.

Free Lunchtime Meditation Class Series – Auckland CBD

‘Inner Journeys’: four talks on meditation and the spiritual life

When: December 9, 10, 11, 13: from 12:00 noon till 1:00pm

Where:Ellen Melville Centre (Pioneer Women’s Memorial Hall),  2 Freyberg Place (off Lower High Street, Auckland CBD).Meeting in the Betty Wark Room, street level, left entrance.

  • Monday Dec. 9th: ‘Seven Secrets of Meditation’
  • Tuesday Dec. 10th: ‘Reincarnation – Have we been here before?’
  • Wednesday Dec. 11th: ‘Music, mantras, sacred chants’
  • Friday Dec. 13th: Bhakti Yoga – The power of the heart’

These informal free-admission classes introduce meditation techniques along with inspirational topics offering an overview of the spiritual life and the ABC’s of establishing your own home practice. With author, meditation teacher and marathoner Jogyata Dallas.

You’re welcome to attend one or all of the four sessions.

Please register by texting to: 0221887432 or by using our contact page here.

The Paths of Yoga – Auckland CBD

Our last free meditation evenings of 2019.

Three talks, 7:30 – 9:00pm. Come to any or all – free admission.

 *Monday, Dec. 16: Meditation introductory –how to still the mind / three introductory exercises / the four key steps in establishing your personal program / the benefits of regular practice.

*Tuesday, Dec. 17 The four main paths of yoga – ‘Yoga’ means self-discovery / union with God. Hatha, bhakti, karma, jnana – how to find your own path.

*Thursday, Dec. 19: An introduction to mantras, music, sacred chants – plus lifestyle guidelines to support meditation.

There will be an opportunity for further weekly group meditation following the conclusion of these talks.

Venue: 93 Dominion Road, Mt Eden (look for the big Target Furniture building towards the city end of Dominion Rd)

Admission is free, however please pre-register using our contact page or texting your registration/further inquiries to 022 1887432.



New Year Free Meditation Programs, 2020

‘Each time you enter a new year,
Be determined not to bring
Your old self with you’.
Four evenings, consecutive Mondays / Thursdays Jan. 6, 9, 13, 16. 6:00 – 8:00pm 
Four evenings, consecutive Tuesdays / Thursdays Feb. 18, 20, 25, 27. 7:30 – 9:00pm 
Four evenings, consecutive Mondays / Thursdays March 2, 5, 9, 12. 6:00 – 7:30pm 
Venue: 93 Dominion Road, Mt Eden (adjacent to the Target Furniture and Print Shop building towards the city end
of Dominion Rd).
Admission is free, however please pre-register using our contact page or texting your registration/further inquiries to 022 1887432.
The spiritual writings and wisdom-teachings of the meditation Masters attribute a very special significance to the incoming energies of each New Year – a selection of these insights by Sri Chinmoy can be found here. Learning meditation at the year’s start offers a powerful launching pad for positive change, newness and spiritual growth.


Workplace ‘Learn Meditation’ workshop.

Meditation – an effective and simple answer to workplace stress – is fast becoming a mainstream workplace tool. Auckland’s Sri Chinmoy Centre is sponsoring an initiative to introduce meditation and stress reduction skills through free workplace introductory sessions to ten or more people. An Hour Of Peace involves an instructor teaching the ABC’s of simple and proven meditation techniques and practical tips on getting started to your staff and employees. The offer is entirely free of charge.

Click here to find out more about Workplace Meditation.

Meditation: An Overview

Down through the ages, the wisdom-teachings of the great Masters have reminded us of our fundamentally spiritual nature, the nobility and beauty of the soul, the paths and practices that help us to find happiness. Like a map of a journey that we have now embarked upon, their insights and teachings help us to navigate our own way to enlightenment, freedom, Self-discovery. Beyond mind and mindfulness, beyond thought and thinking, what self-discoveries await us?

These meditation courses invite you on a journey, cover a wide canvas of meditation practices; the main branches and paths of yoga; a look at reincarnation; the finding of a spiritual path; how to bring the benefits of meditation into daily life; and a look at the wisdom-teachings of several Masters.

The four sessions of each course form a structured program and you’re encouraged to attend each of the four evenings – admission is free, but registration is required to accommodate numbers attending. Course instructors are from the Sri Chinmoy Centre, with decades of teaching experience and a genuine love of sharing their own insights with others. The w/shops are informal, informative and helpful and a lot of material and exercises are drawn from the teachings of the late spiritual master Sri Chinmoy.

Free admission, but due to limited seating please register by using our contact page, or text to 0221887432. You can also phone this number for further course inquiries.

Meditation Resources

For those people interested in deepening their meditation experience and their understanding of the techniques and secrets to help achieve this, a new edition of Sri Chinmoy’s timeless guidebook on the subject has just been published. Behind the deceptively simple title, “Meditation’, the 300 pages that follow offer a wealth of insights and guidance that takes the reader from the initial start-up steps through to the deepest meditations attainable, the high points or samadhi’s. 
The book spans many different approaches and a wide canvas of techniques – breath work, visualization, mantra, heart centre meditation, the various branches of yoga (jnana, bhakti, karma etc), along with question and answer sections and chapter topics discussing the lesser known secrets of successful meditation. 
 ‘Meditation’ is a beautifully presented hardback edition, and possesses the simplicity, clarity, depth and inspiration that will make it a lifelong companion for its readers. It offers and shares a map of the inner journey, and a wonderful resource for all of those interested in the path of self-discovery, enlightenment and awakening.
Copies can be requested by leaving your details here on our contact page


The latest news and updates

Lake Tarawera Joy Weekend

Finding balance in urban living with proximity to nature in Lake Tarawera adventure …

Distant Travels

Travel always widens us, inspires us, ushers in new insights and adventures – our recent tour of the UK proved the truth of this conclusively! Fourteen members of our a cappella music group, Oneness-Dream, have just concluded a seven-day tour around parts of England,...

Latest videos

Meet the class givers

Our class instructors have all learnt the art of meditation personally from Sri Chinmoy.

Interview with Ursula Maag

Ursula talked about meditation and daily life.

Jogyata Dallas

Jogyata has taught meditation for over 30 years and is the author of several books about the subject and his encounters and experiences with Sri Chinmoy. He lives in Auckland but teaches in many other countries. His workshops combine humor, personal anecdotes and guided meditations and reflect his sincere love of his subject.

Preetidutta Thorpe

Preetidutta works in the vegetarian café The Blue Bird in Auckland’s Mt Eden and was once an Olympic level contender in yachting. She visited New York on many occasions to study meditation with Sri Chinmoy.

Muslim Badami

Muslim has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre since 2003. A keen marathoner and occasional actor he lives and works in Auckland after moving here from India. He teaches evening workshops in introductory meditation throughout the year.

Hridayinee Williams

Hridayinee has been practicing meditation in the Sri Chinmoy Centre for 20 years and teaching Beginner Meditation Classes for 15 years in Australia and New Zealand. She is a qualified children’s educator and loves working with children which helps keep her in the heart and happy.

On Meditation

It’s easy to become a little overwhelmed by the amount of information about meditation and this short section is to simply focus on some of the techniques for meditation and the practical use of meditation for a fulfilling life.

A Walking Meditation

April 13, 2019 – today in New York several hundred people from 40 countries have gathered at a beautifully decorated outdoors meditation space to commemorate and remember spiritual master Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the West. That historic arrival day was in the long-ago...

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Music and Meditation

Explore how meditation can be used to elevates our consciousness.

Distant Travels

Travel always widens us, inspires us, ushers in new insights and adventures – our recent tour of the UK proved the truth of this conclusively! Fourteen members of our a cappella music group, Oneness-Dream, have just concluded a seven-day tour around parts of England,...

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Invitation to An Evening of Peace

The following article by Jogyata Dallas is reprinted with the kind permission of the IndiaNZ Outlook newspaper. For those with an interest in peaceful music and meditation, an upcoming free event in Three Kings will soon offer a very special opportunity. Auckland’s...

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The Unifying Power of Music

Recently I have been listening to the Indian singer Kaushiki Chakrabarty performing her beautiful and haunting devotional bhajans while accompanied by tabla, sarangi, harmonium and sarod. The songs were a recording from a live concert in the Netherlands, but across...

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Sport and Meditation

Meditation can enhance our physical performance, but also makes our satisfaction from sport deep and lasting. Explore the inner aspect of sport —a dimension that everyone can add to his or her current physical and mental training.

Into Great Distance

Last week some 45 runners from all walks of life and fitness level participated in the annual Sri Chinmoy 12 and 24-Hour Races in a attempt to learn more about themselves, tackling hitherto unexplored distances …

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Adventure & Meditation

Meditation isn’t only about sitting down and quietening the mind in your favorite home-haven, incense burning, some peaceful music, a reprieve from the endless distractions of the world. It can also be high up on a mountain, cradled by the high blue sky, by silence...

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Tangariro Crossing adventure

Untamed landscapes always inspire and humble us, and our recent hike over the Tongariro Crossing was all of this, a 21 km tramp over the Central Plateau’s old volcanic wonderland with it’s big massifs and plains of buckled lava and jutting cones of mountains. A...

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Life experience and insight

Profound insights as well as inspiring and amusing life-stories.

Tribute to Snatak

Late August, 2019 has been tinged with sadness at the news of the passing of a wonderful friend and meditation teacher, Snatak Mathiasson, a longtime colleague who has struggled with the rare affliction ALS for many years. In some mysterious way we are connected to...

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A Nature Lovers Forest Retreat

Over the last weekend of June we had a great meditation retreat weekend at the Aio Wira Retreat Centre in the Waitakeres. 16 people came for an overnight stay which included yoga and meditation, several hikes along the Te Henga coastal trail at Bethells Beach, ocean...

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Body and mind are interconnected. Proper diet maintain the body-temple in mint health and enable deeper and subtler meditation experience.

Favorite Haunts

We all have our favorite haunts to meet friends or dine out - mine are scattered
about in numerous places, magnets that draw me back time and again. My current number one is The Hungry Elephant vegan/vegetarian cafe in Matakana, a leisurely one hour’s drive up north...

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Food for Thought

IndiaNZ Outlook contributing writer Jogyata Dallas interviews Auckland nurse and vegan Cheryll Martin about vegan principles and the growing global interest in animal rights/ethical living.

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Benefits of a vegetarian diet

Read how a vegan or vegetarian diet develop a deepening understanding of our oneness with all living things and the impact of our diet in the refinement of our consciousness …

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Community Services

As well as meditation, our members run several enterprises that bring the principles of meditation into daily life, and are continually organising projects to serve the public, and to help each human being find the best within themselves.

Peace Run and the Christchurch tragedy

The saying ‘Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’ has a poignant relevance to our country after the shadows cast by the Christchurch tragedy. The sense of national grief at the misfortunes of our fellow countrymen, the wonderful outpourings of support,...

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Karma Yoga: Service to Humanity

Humanity's great teachers, the spiritual masters, sages and yogis that have been with us over the long centuries, tell us how remarkable and splendid the human soul is, its capacity for love and compassion, the hope it carries for a brighter future and a peaceful...

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Spiritual viewpoints to ponder upon life, the world and the Universe.

A Spotlight on Peace 

A new statues in Taupo encouraging reminding us to look towards a better world and provides inspiration about our individual role in fostering this.a brighter future for humanity …

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Reflections on Astrology

Humanity has always wondered about its future, devising myriad ways to look beyond the present moment to prepare and shape its destinies and its fortunes. Since ancient times, shamans have looked for patterns in the spiraling contours of smoke, taken hallucinogenic...

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Some Reflections on ‘Light’ 

Auckland’s 17th Diwali festival, colloquially referred to as ‘The Festival of Lights’, will soon be enlivening our city streets and temples and bringing gaiety, color, dance, music, theatre, workshops and a wonderfully irresistible array of multi-ethnic food stalls to...

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Video Features

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre share their perspective on meditation in daily life plus selected interviews with Sri Chinmoy on various aspects of meditation and spirituality.

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