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Flute MusicBest-seller for Meditation

While in a state of profound meditation, Sri Chinmoy plays his haunting melodies on the electric echo flute. Its rich soothing tones Flute-musicwill send you to the deepest abode of inner peace and harmony. This best-selling recording is an excellent aid to meditation and relaxation.

46 min. / Aum Publications


The Beauty of a Oneness-Family-Home

On February 17, 1996, Sri Chinmoy offered a concert in New York of his own meditative compositions and improvisations on the Beauty-oneness-Indian esraj. The soul-stirring event commemorated the twentieth anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s first esraj performance. The esraj, although popular for centuries in India, is little known in the West. It is a bowed instrument which, like the sitar, uses dozens of reverberating strings.

60 min. / Aum Publications