Parakai Hot Springs welcomes the Peace Run


It’s Saturday, October 31, and Parakai Hot Springs has just participated in a ceremony that saw the popular attraction dedicated to world peace. The morning occasion was part of a global initiative, the worldwide Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms program that has over 800 locations providing focal points for peace in local communities. Named after the late peace visionary Sri Chinmoy, the program includes a network of parks, mountains, cities and places of natural beauty on six continents. An inspirational plaque accompanies each dedicated site.

Sri Chinmoy founded history’s longest relay for world peace, a nationwide and global torch relay that last year visited every nation in the Southern hemisphere. The run features an Olympic-style burning torch carried by runners from numerous countries and inspired by the simple goal of encouraging international friendship and world peace.

Local MP Chris Penk joined Parakai manager Mark Dennis, members of Auckland’s Peace Run team and locals at the Saturday dedication that saw the unveiling of the commemorative plaque.
It’s opening paragraph states: “The search for happiness lies at the heart of every human life, and measures the worth of every experience. In this spirit, Parakai Springs seeks to offer a haven for all of it’s visitors, a water world whose simple purpose is to offer happiness and peace.”

Local organiser Daniel Rubin commented at the ceremony: “The Peace Run and our Peace Blossoms program offers everyone an opportunity to feel part of a grassroots effort to take a step for peace. It’s individuals that can really foster a brighter future for humanity – in our own everyday lives we really do have the opportunity to create a better world. World peace begins with you and me.”

The Peace Run was inaugurated in 1987 by the late Sri Chinmoy, a lifelong peace advocate who believed that a running relay dedicated to peace would have a positive effect on world affairs. In addition to numerous international celebrities, top New Zealand sportspeople such as Valerie Adams, Indy 500 winner Scott Dixon and the All Blacks have held the Peace Run torch to show their support for the event.

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