Songs of the Soul: A Free Concert


More in the article in Indian NZ Outlook Dec 2016 Page 10:

Auckland welcomed a unique group of musicians from seven different countries for their first ever concert tour in New Zealand this month, an event called ‘Songs of the Soul’. Some twenty visitors from Europe, the US and England came together to offer their vocal and instrumental arrangements of the music of Sri Chinmoy in a concert series that has toured on four continents over the past ten years. Over 400 people attended the popular evening at the Auckland Girls’ Grammar School’s Dorothy Winstone Centre in Newton.

The November 7th, Auckland concert was part of a larger Australasian first-ever tour, with concerts offered in Christchurch and four Australian cities. Over the past 10 years more than 200 free Songs of the Soul concerts have been offered throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and North America.

Songs of the Soul draws from the vast musical legacy of the late musician-composer Sri Chinmoy, whose 20,000 compositions form one of the largest ever original compilations of songs by an individual composer and were shared during his lifetime in over 700 free concerts globally. In Auckland, five performance groups took turn about on stage at the Dorothy Winstone Centre, followed by a grand finale involving all of the performers. The concert title reflects its purpose, to offer a new kind of music that is primarily meditative and deeply peaceful, music that nourishes and touches the soul.

“‘Songs of the Soul’ is interactive in the sense that the audience also helps to co-create a very memorable experience” said organizer Durba Lee. “The performers selected a wonderful gallery of tranquil songs which they performed in a very meditative spirit – soul songs and spiritual music can be uniting, healing, transformative. Music is a kind of language, it transcends culture, nationality, belief and religion and reaches down to the core of our common humanity”.

Sri Chinmoy always believed that spiritual, peaceful music can significantly contribute to a brighter future for all of humanity, requesting that his music always be shared free of charge.

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