Meditation experiences

Jogyata Dallas runs Auckland’s Sri Chinmoy centre is an accomplished teacher who studied for many years under meditation master Sri Chinmoy. Jogyata has offered his popular workshops in more than twenty countries and inspired countless people.

In this interview, Jogyata talked in depth about meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

Path of meditation

Muslim, a meditation class giver, talks about his spiritual journey from following a religious path of prayer to discovering Sri Chinmoy’s path of meditation.

Vajin on meditation and running

Vajin is the winner of the prestigious Swiss Alpine Marathon and the three-time winner of Kepler Challenge (2010-2012), etc Vajin shared the secrets to his sporting success, advice for new runners and the inspiration for his running career.

Music and Meditation

Shardul Diliar recounts his unique experience of playing the flute at the Auckland Hospital whilst recovering from his numerous open heart surgeries.

Preetidutta Thorpe

Preetidutta, was once an Olympic level contender in yachting, candidly shares some of her profound meditative experiences. /p>

Muslim Badami

Muslim relates an interesting meditation experience while handing out flyers for a meditation course.


Devashishu Torpy lives in London and teaches meditation both at home and around Europe. He is a greatly talented playwright whose productions have been offered in many countries – he also heads up the European torch relay, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, which involves children, civic and political leaders and people in communities in over 40 EU countries.


Abhinandan lives in Melbourne and is a key organiser of the Blue Mountains ultra trail races in which several thousand runners participate each year.


Jayasalini – surprises on the spiritual path.

Sanjay Rawal

Sanjay Rawal is an Indian-American documentary film director who lives in New York City. Sanjay known for Food Chains (2014), Ocean Monk (2010), Challenging Impossibility (2011) and currently working on 3100: Run and Become.

Coming to Sri Chinmoy’s Path – Florbela

Carlos Machado

Carlos Machado talks about what drew him to Sri Chinmoy’s Path. In this video, Carlos also explains how following the spiritual life changed his outlook on life and what he thinks is the essence of following a spiritual life.