Breathing Exercises

If you’re just starting out with your practice, sit for five or ten minutes once or twice a day. Don’t have any expectations, just keep training the mind to become obedient and one-pointed. You have begun an inner journey, and one day it will take you to some wonderful destinations – but don’t think or wish for this, just enjoy the journey itself.
Sri Chinmoy on the basics of meditation

  1. Light the candle on your meditation table and a little of your favourite incense.
  2. In your mind prioritise meditation over everything else for the next 10-15 minutes – no phones, no disturbances, no outer world. Think of every moment spent in meditation as a golden opportunity to make progress in your spiritual journey – each attempt is a step forward towards your goal. This will help you to feel sincerity and to value your meditation practise.
  3. Sit comfortably, with the spine reasonably straight to maintain alertness, and with your eyes partly open – not wide open, but eyes half open, half closed. This is called the lions meditation and enables us to better concentrate the mind. If this is too difficult you can close your eyes, but try this method first for there are many advantages to meditating in this way.

Select any one of the following breathing exercise:

Breathing exercise for Peace, Power and Joy

Breathing exercise for cosmic energy

One Four Two Breathing technique

Sri Chinmoy on the Basic of meditation