A Karma Yoga Exercise

Rather than the path of seclusion, karma yoga sees in the everyday challenges of life countless opportunities to learn, deepen and multiply our many good qualities.

The Peace Run: A Meditative Journey

Several of our Kiwi team joined the Peace Run in Iceland, Australia and Europe. Here’s a shot of our team in Iceland, way up north in those spectacular landscapes of glaciers, volcanic mountains and fast running ice-fed rivers. Find out more…

27,000 Handshakes

In early 1998 Sri Chinmoy completed what was then his most prodigious poetic work – the 270 volumes of his monumental 27,000 Aspiration-Plants –  and… »

Politicians unite for peace

On rare occasions, politicians put politics aside to join together for a greater cause. The Grand Opening Ceremony of the Asia-Pacific World Harmony Run 2012… »