An Hour Of Peace


At your workplace – a free ‘Learn Meditation’ workshop.

Meditation – an effective and simple answer to workplace stress – is fast becoming a mainstream social skill. Auckland’s Sri Chinmoy Centre is sponsoring an initiative to introduce these skills and to offer free workplace introductory sessions to ten or more people as a free community service.

With the World Health Organization predicting that by 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of ill-health and disability world-wide, life-skills that encourage stress reduction and inner peace are becoming increasingly relevant and topical.

An Hour Of Peace involves an instructor teaching the ABC’s of simple and proven meditation techniques and practical tips on getting started to your staff and employees. The offer will run throughout the year and is entirely free of charge. Single or multiple teaching sessions are available. For more information, kindly contact us.

Course Instructors

Jogyata Dallas

Jogyata Dallas has taught meditation for over 30 years and offered presentations to citywide businesses, hospitals and to city council staff. He lives in Auckland but has taught in many other countries.

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Muslim Badami

A keen marathoner and business analyst originally from India, Muslim Badami teaches evening workshops in introductory meditation throughout the year and is involved in a number of health and fitness training programs.

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