My short musings of our recent winter hike, South Island New Zealand.


By C. Martin.

Beautiful clouds in mountains

Three days of remote, alpine, Paparoa track followed by four days in beautiful, coastal Abel Tasman. Meeting only four other passing trampers the whole time. July…midwinter….downunder.

You know its a good holiday when you really don’t want to go back to work….

When you live on dehydrated food, and it’s heaven!..when wet wipes are a luxury to clean yourself..when u basically wear the same clothes for 7 days, and get very comfortable with it.. when your goal each day is to reach the hut..when you screech every time you see the sign: 1 km to hut….but its the longest 1 km you will ever walk..

Sometimes I’m not sure if running the tracks is easier than hiking because of the 15kg pack on your shoulders..hiking its quite meditative though because silence is the only thing that speaks….and time is slowed.

The cold becomes your friend and all you can do is hope for good weather and that the Kea and Weka wont steal your food…every little thing is something to be grateful for and celebrated…the simplicity of life..and then you come back to the city and yearn for the silence of nature, the simple life….. but cafe’s are the only consolation….and my washing machine….ok, a hot shower is good….

Overall, I am grateful for the ability to move, for the opportunities we have, for New Zealand bush, mountains, streams, waterfalls, moss on trees, sunbeams through clouds, sunrises, sunsets, and ok, even the Weka… who stole my bag of bbq flavoured rice crackers…..I eventually got over it.