80 Stories (selected)

2. The Colouring Book
3a. The Ox Pictures
6. Joining the Path
79. Lessons on the Path
12. Inner Skies, Inner Beings
76. Christmas Trip Jottings
71. Surprising Rewards


I have always felt a deep gratitude for my enduring love of running and those… »


Banshidhar Medeiros (San Juan/New York)  In the early 1970s, Guru’s visits to Puerto Rico were always… »

Long Journey Within

Throughout history encounters with remarkable people in different fields of human life have inspired revolutions, remarkable charity, epochal change, great undertakings. One such prime example is that of kiwi Harita Davies’ ecounter with Sri Chinmoy …

Dawn After Dark

Learn how meditation within the context of a spiritual path produces positive transformation and brings hope ….

The Coffin Club

I can recall several occasions when spiritual master Sri Chinmoy spoke of the soul’s world,… »

Reflections on Ageing

Wisdom remains a hugely critical factor in life management, and wisdom is one of the few things in human life that does not diminish with age.