“Sounds of the Sacred” Concert


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Sounds of the Sacred …

The concert will feature Agnikana – an all female vocal and instrumental ensemble to bring you a joyful, uplifting blend of Eastern, Western, classical and contemporary musical modes. The group members come mostly from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland.

Agnikana Group specialises in the musical compositions of Sri Chinmoy (pictured), a musical and spiritual luminary whose 22,000 compositions have profoundly influenced many contemporary musicians and established him as one of the most prodigious composer in history.

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Concert Details

Saturday May 9;  7.30 pm

Mt Eden Village Centre

449 Mt Eden Road

Just turn up on the night. Group bookings
can also request tickets by calling/texting the concert phone line 0272 881 424 or by obtaining tickets in person from The Blue Bird Cafe, 299 Dominion Road, Mt. Eden, Auckland.


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 “Sri Chinmoy’s sublime spiritual mastery reveals through music the infinite vastness of the universe as an intimate sanctuary of the soul” – Free Spirit Magazine;

“Sri Chinmoy’s music is a magical flow deep down in your heart of hearts.” – Roberta Flack

“Discover the music of genius…”  – Pulse! Magazine

“Sri Chinmoy has a tremendous, a fantastic creative urge!” – Ravi Shankar

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Ethereal music.

The music of Agnikana Group, which includes hauntingly beautiful arrangements of some of Sri Chinmoy’s finest work, carries with it a uniquely Indian flavour coupled with vocal and instrumental accompaniments that border on other-worldly.

Audio: A 2014 performance from a concert in Slovakia 

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Mantric, peaceful and meditative…

…their music seeks to nourish the spiritual side of our
nature and to serve as an inspiration to their audiences

Audio: A track from their 2008 album “In my Heart-Sky”

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