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Meditation and Spirituality

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[box] meditation man perfection


Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction This classic remains an enduring favourite. With the simplicity and clarity that is the hallmark of Sri Chinmoy’s writings, this comprehensive guide takes you from the first stages of concentration and meditation through to the advanced practice of contemplation. Topics include:

  • Meditation techniques from beginners to advanced levels
  • The ABC’s of starting your home practice
  • Mantras, visualisations, meditating in the spiritual heart
ISBN 0-88497-444-8 / 261 pp / AUM Publications


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[box] book - beyond within

Beyond Within

A Philosophy for the Inner Life

When your yearning to know the purpose of life and the reality of God has you swimming against the tide, then the wisdom of one who has successfully crossed these waters is priceless. In this large volume of questions and answers, essays, poetry and parables, Sri Chinmoy leads the way, with sound advice on how to integrate meditation and spirituality into your daily life.

ISBN 0-88497-115-5 / 522 pp / AUM Publications


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The Silent Teaching

A beginner’s guide to meditationbook - silent teaching

This first reading on meditation addresses its theory, vision, and practice in simple, concise and understandable terms. Sri Chinmoy exhorts the seeker in us:

“Here on earth, in the hustle and bustle of life, we have to practice spirituality . . . Here on earth we have to realise the highest truth.” – Sri Chinmoy.
on earth we have to realize the highest truth.”

ISBN 0-88497-601-7/ 64 pp. / AUM Publications

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Kundbook - kundalinialini

The Mother Power

En route to his own spiritual realisation, Sri Chinmoy attained mastery over the Kundalini and occult powers. In this book he explains techniques for awakening the Kundalini and the chakras. He warns of the dangers and pitfalls to be avoided, and discusses some of the occult powers that come with opening the chakras.

ISBN 0-88497-575-1 / 131 pp. / AUM Publications

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The Summits of God-Life: Samadhi and Siddhi

An ausiddhithoritative discussion of consciousness and the very advanced stages of spiritual practice. Few people in history have attained these highest states and fewer still have clearly revealed their meanings in such a simple, understandable language. In fact, as Sri Chinmoy explains, the very use of language is totally inadequate to convey the qualities of these realms. Topics: Infinity, nirvana, trance, liberation, realisation, ananda, and more.

ISBN 0-88497-145-7 / 145 pp. / AUM Publications[/box]

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On dreamsWings of Silver Dreams

With their prophetic messages, dreams can offer us deep inner wisdom. They may fortell the future, reveal  the solution to a problem or give us a spiritual experience. We are healed by dreaming of a beloved friend or family member. There is a darker side to dreams as well. How can we decipher dreams that come to us? Sri Chinmoy guides us through the confusing labyrinth, teaching us to understand the significance of some common dreams, and to gain some control over the kinds of dreams we have.

ISBN 0-88497-991-1 / 102 pp. / AUM Publications[/box]

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GoGod isd Is…

Selected writings of Sri Chinmoy

These insights about God are taken from the more than 1,000 books Sri Chinmoy has written in over 37 years of teaching spirituality and meditation. Sri Chinmoy’s intimate knowledge of the Divine transcends religious dogma and scripture, shedding light on all seeker’s paths to God.
Topics include:

  • The cause of your separation from God
  • Personal effort and God’s grace
  • Human love and Divine love

ISBN 0-88497-059-0 / 230 pp. / AUM Publications [/box]

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The Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy

Throughout the ages, the timeless words of the great spiritual teachers have been recorded in classic works that have become universally known and revered. Now the light of Sri Chinmoy has been collated in this extraordinary, clear, comprehensive spiritual volume. The Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy is a collection of Sri Chinmoy’s answers to spiritual questions offered during his thirty-eight years of teaching spirituality and meditation.

ISBN 1-88499-723-6 / 410 pp /Blue Dove Press


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[box] book - yoga spiritual life

Yoga and the Spiritual Life

Yoga means union, union with God. Each person’s journey in life begins and ultimately ends with that union. Written in a practical vein, this book offers the newcomer, as well as the advanced seeker, a deep understanding of the theories, methods and inner realities of the philosophy of Yoga and Eastern mysticism. In a section devoted to questions and answers, Sri Chinmoy, an illumined Yogi, offers explanations with a clarity and authenticity rarely encountered.

ISBN 0-88497-040-X / 210 pp / Aum Publications


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The Source of Music

Musibook - source musicc and mantra for self-realisation

In the first part of this book Sri Chinmoy explores the spiritual dimensions of music. He presents music as a vehicle to expand one’s consciousness and as the living expression of the divine consciousness within. Whether you are a musician or simply a music-lover, his advice and guidance will help you use the power of music to get in touch with your highest self.
Part two explores the use of mantra and japa for spiritual growth and fulfillment. Detailed instructions on their use include specific mantras for spiritual progress, health, wealth and more.

ISBN 0-88497-575-4 / 131 pp./ AUM Publications

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Themaster and disciple Master and the Disciple

Insights into the Guru-disciple relationship

What is a Guru? There are running gurus, diet gurus, even stock market gurus. But to those in search of enlightenment, the Guru is not merely an expert, he embodies the way to their self-realisation.

“The most important thing a Guru does for his spiritual children is to make them aware of something vast and infinite within themselves, which is nothing other than God Himself.” – Sri Chinmoy

ISBN 0-88497-132-5 / 110 pp. / AUM Publications

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Astrology, the Supernatural and the Beyond

Inastrology the course of his numerous public meditations and university lectures, Sri Chinmoy has been asked thousands of questions on occultism, astrology, flying saucers, extraterrestrial beings and similar subjects. A God-realised spiritual Master with free access to the inner worlds, he is able to offer definitive explanations of these phenomena. Here are some of the most interesting of these questions, and Sri Chinmoy’s answers.

ISBN 0-88497-037X / 135 pp. Aum Publications


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Death deathand Reincarnation

Eternity’s Voyage

This deeply moving book has brought consolation and undertanding to countless people faced with the death of a loved one or fear of their own mortality. In this firsthand account of life after death, Sri Chinmoy shares several poignant experiences.
Topics include:

  • What happens after death
  • The journey of the soul
  • How to best help someone who is dying
  • What is reincarnation?

ISBN 0-88497-038-8 / 157 pp. / AUM Publications [/box]

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A Chichild-heartld’s Heart and a Child’s Dreams

Growing up with spiritual wisdom: A guide for parents and children

Sri Chinmoy offers practical advice on a subject that is not just an idealist’s dream, but a concerned parent’s lifeline: fostering your child’s spiritual life, watching him grow up with the love of God and a heart of self-giving. Includes a parent’s guide to meditation, stories for children that delight and inspire, and answers to children’s questions about God.

ISBN 0-88497-862-1 / 123 pp. /AUM Publications [/box]