Sri Chinmoy’s writings on love, compassion, inner harmony and oneness is beautifully conveyed in his many collections of poems, aphorisms, parables, folktales, lectures and talks, questions and answers.


“Sri Chinmoy listens with the heart, writes with the head, and journeys with the soul. People of all religions will get closer to God from meditating on these universal and soul-searching truths.” Monsignor Thomas Hartman


In an odyssey that has spanned four decades, Sri Chinmoy has composed a monumental total of 20,000 songs in both his native Bengali (13,000) and English (over 7,000) — many hauntingly prayerful, others powerfully dynamic. Both simple and subtle, his compositions invoke an atmosphere of serenity. The essence of ancient Indian ragas is conveyed in a single melody line easily accessible to the modern ear. The lyrical charm and melodic resonance of his music leave a lingering resonance in the listener’s heart long after the music ends.



A selection of Sri Chinmoy’s popular work are available in our meditation classes and workshops and are also available from:

Further inquiries on other works of Sri Chinmoy contact : Sri Chinmoy Centre, PO Box 56-415, Dominion Road, Auckland 1446. Telephone: 09-309 3437 or

Some of the most inspired music I’ve heard from a solo performer—classical, pop or otherwise.
—Cue Magazine, N.Y.