The search for inner peace


Millions of people are searching for inner peace. Despite the advances of technology, the basic human longing for fulfilment remains. Even though the modern Westerner can afford to live in palatial splendour compared to the rustic days of the past, there is still great hunger for something more. Our bellies may be full, but our spirits cry out for nourishment. Our minds have access to an endless sea of information, but our hearts thirst for the eternal Truth. We have everything we want, but not the very thing that we need. As Sri Chinmoy once said, “this world of ours has everything save and except peace”.

Meditation provides the answer to our search for peace. This is not the peace of self-annihilation or escape from the world. This is the peace which allows one to live in the world and for the world, while remaining unshaken by its volatility and uncertainty. Meditation can tell us who we are and why we are here. In meditation, we reach a state of inner peace when we become less self-centred and more in tune with the greater reality of which we are only a small part.

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Meditation is everybody’s birthright. In meditation we establish our oneness with the entire world, and our whole being is inundated with peace.

Sri Chinmoy

1992-03-12JapanTokyoEveningFunction8_8x12Ath_4X6.jpgAs one of humanity’s leading peace visionaries, Sri Chinmoy showed in his own life how it is possible to live a life full of peace when you feel truly at one with those around you. Peace is within the grasp of every person, and our own meditation can show us the way.

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