Exercise for Beginners

It’s hard trying to meditate every day. The chatter and constant movement of our mind, the momentum of habits and the addictive patterns of thought, make sitting still, breathing slowly, stepping back from it all and disentangling ourselves very difficult.

Free meditation classes in Auckland

Learn to experience the beauty and joy within. We offer classes every 1-2 months, as well as concerts and workshops by international speakers.

Benefits of Meditation

Jogyata Dallas, who has taught meditation for over 25 years to tens of thousands of people around the world, share some insights into various aspects of meditation and its many benefits.

Meditation books sales and promotion

Now is the chance to really focus on both your wellbeing and your meditation with these comprehensive books on all aspects of meditation i.e. techniques, spiritual principles and practical application …

Beyond Infinity

The philosophy of the heart that imposes no finite boundaries on infinity has an advanced understanding that infinity actually, really is……….infinite!


Sri Chinmoy on the ABCs of meditation Sri Chinmoy explains some basic techniques of meditation… »

Nature Meditations

If you’re a nature lover, Auckland has some of the best outdoor places of any city in which to practise and enjoy your meditation.

 Perspectives on Happiness

World class Kiwi trail runner and ultramarathoner Vajin Armstrong, whose happiness formula is a mix of meditation and mountain trails, inner calm and the soothing beauty of landscape.

Meditation tips

Practical tips on how to have a fruitful meditation and how to sustain your meditation practice…

Secrets of meditation

Jogyata Dallas, an accomplished meditation teacher, shares some profound insights on how to sustain your meditation practice …

Books – Audio

[[box] The Jewels of Happiness Audiobook Inspiration and Wisdom to Guide Your Life-Journey Sri Chinmoy,… »

Meditation Mind

  Einstein once explained relativity this way: spend an hour sitting next to a beautiful… »