The virus crisis will have many unforeseen positives to it, a time of new beginnings, reflection, insights and little epiphanies about the deeper truths of human life. There’s always a quiet perfection behind the appearances of things that helps us to awaken and evolve too, and this experience will hugely benefit our human race that is so needing and ready for major change. In India there is a saying “Not a leaf turns but God is behind it”, reminding us of this same truth.

Mountain & Sky
And for many, clear unpolluted skies; silences and space in our lives; a step back from ‘doing’ to simply ‘being’; family time; the discovery that working from home really works, a new paradigm in future employment; and poor Planet Earth enjoying a respite from emissions and pollution; an experience for everyone too of a whole new way of living.

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Buckle up and enjoy the ride into the beautiful unknown.