Beyond Infinity

The philosophy of the heart that imposes no finite boundaries on infinity has an advanced understanding that infinity actually, really is……….infinite!

Dawn After Dark

Learn how meditation within the context of a spiritual path produces positive transformation and brings hope ….

 Perspectives on Happiness

World class Kiwi trail runner and ultramarathoner Vajin Armstrong, whose happiness formula is a mix of meditation and mountain trails, inner calm and the soothing beauty of landscape.

Food for Thought

IndiaNZ Outlook contributing writer Jogyata Dallas interviews Auckland nurse and vegan Cheryll Martin about vegan principles and the growing global interest in animal rights/ethical living.

A Karma Yoga Exercise

Rather than the path of seclusion, karma yoga sees in the everyday challenges of life countless opportunities to learn, deepen and multiply our many good qualities.

Exercise for Beginners

It’s hard trying to meditate every day. The chatter and constant movement of our mind, the momentum of habits and the addictive patterns of thought, make sitting still, breathing slowly, stepping back from it all and disentangling ourselves very difficult.

Secrets of meditation

Jogyata Dallas, an accomplished meditation teacher, shares some profound insights on how to sustain your meditation practice …

News – 2 Mile Race

2 Mile weekly Saturday fun runs (free) at 7.15am at the Auckland Domain, meeting at the Cricket Pavilion – an informal run to promote physical fitness and self-transcendence. All welcome – simply turn up and try to beat your own time each week! Read on for this week winner …

Benefits of a vegetarian diet

Read how a vegan or vegetarian diet develop a deepening understanding of our oneness with all living things and the impact of our diet in the refinement of our consciousness …