Meditation – A Real Miracle


Deadlines, budgets, demanding clients and just too little time to complete the million tasks that I had on my ‘to do’ list had turned me into a basket case one Wednesday. I just couldn’t escape from one particular problem. Whenever I noticed I realised that it was crowding in on me – how an earth could I finish this project this week. Driving home from work I couldn’t face going to our regular Wednesday night meditation at the Sri Chinmoy Centre. I was just too tired. Maybe just this once I would stay at home and have a night off.

But when I got home something deeper in me would not allow me to give in to the tiredness and I forced myself to go to our Centre to meditate.  Two hours later not only did I feel better but I couldn’t even remember what I had been doing at work.  A deep inner beauty, simplicity and tranquility had permeated my whole consciousness, completely washing away all the darkness, stress and tiredness.  Love and joy had replaced the anxiety, fear and frustration that a few hours before I had been almost overwhelmed by.  I went home a different person, feeling so grateful that even though I sometimes have to make forays into the world of worry and anxiety I could return to this real world where everything is just so different.  For me this is the real miracle of the spiritual life.

Do Miracles Have any Value?

Abhijatri Robinson