Using the Breath to Meditate


 “Each breathing moment is a miracle.”  

– Sri Chinmoy (Sri Chinmoy, The God Of The Mind, Agni Press, 1989).

True we cannot live without taking a breath; it is an integral part of
our natural being. Controlling the breath gives life to the human voice
or holding the breath can help support us to lift heavy objects. We use
the breath in so many ways.  Breath is powerful.    

When it comes to discovering the most profound aspects of human life; like “Who am I?” then use the power of the breath to expedite the
journey within.  

I have my meditation to gain access to the inner reality and the breath to help me dive deep. There is no push or pull when it comes to meditation, rather a letting go on the wings of the breath. The breath gently transports me in silent rhythmic waves to a deeper reality.  The feeling is both expansive and energising while experiencing an infinity joy and peace.   

Niryana MarshallNiryana_Marshall.JPG

Editor’s Note: Niryana has been practising meditation for over 20 years as a student of Sri Chinmoy. He works in the IT department of a large telecommunications company.