Strange Universe…


What is our whole universe made of? And what or who made it? Science can put things into a very interesting perspective: Our universe is made of matter (anything that occupies a space and time) and a slight proportion of ‘something else’. By the way, that slight proportion is almost 80% of the Universe. And we don’t know exactly what  it is.

We do know that matter is made of atoms, and atoms are incredibly small. They are so small that inside a millimetre, you could fit 20 million of them! And atoms are not like tennis balls. In fact, atoms are made of smaller particles, called subatomic particles, electrons orbiting a nucleus made of protons and neutrons. But the proportion of these particles is simply incredible. Imagine that the nucleus of an atom was one millimetre wide. In proportion, the electron would be fairly close to it, right? Not quite. If the nucleus of an atom was a millimetre wide, the electron would be 0.5 km away. That’s right, the whole “atom” would be much bigger than a football stadium.


What’s more amazing, what makes you think that science is scraping the surface of the very nature of God, is that all that space between the nucleus and the electron is empty. Completely empty. Or not, because then how come that emptiness is holding the whole Universe together? 

How can “nothing” give meaning to everything? And why is 80 percent of existence “something” that has to be there in order for the Universe to exist, yet it’s “nothing” in the logical way of speaking?

If we think about it, really think about it…

Eduardo Gutierrez