The Mango Tree

Parable about acceptance, unconditional love, life and death. Daughter finding strength to find her own path…

A Running Meditation

Movement and meditation belong together. Experience from the five runners who braved the Waitomo Caves Trail Run …

Tackling Seven Great Oceans

“Meetings with Remarkable People” national series of free talks, in which outstanding men and women share their experiences and encourage others to tackle their own life’s dreams and challenges.


I have always felt a deep gratitude for my enduring love of running and those… »


Banshidhar Medeiros (San Juan/New York)  In the early 1970s, Guru’s visits to Puerto Rico were always… »

Long Journey Within

Throughout history encounters with remarkable people in different fields of human life have inspired revolutions, remarkable charity, epochal change, great undertakings. One such prime example is that of kiwi Harita Davies’ ecounter with Sri Chinmoy …

Open Tuesdays

Open Tuesdays These are informal open Tuesday evenings which anyone can attend. They each offer… »

Beyond Infinity

The philosophy of the heart that imposes no finite boundaries on infinity has an advanced understanding that infinity actually, really is……….infinite!

Some Reflections On Running

If you have good health, if you touch your health everyday it gets new life. By giving attention to something you give new life to it. Find out how to maintain good health …